Friends Theme Song - Arrangement [TABS & LESSON]

This was put together as a tribute to the recent passing of Matthew Perry. The Friends Sitcom has brought many laughs to the world, and the theme song is incredibly catchy!

Video Performance & Lesson:

The chord progression is very insightful to analyse. Take a look at this!

  • Verse: I VII I iii
    The Mixolydian VII is very powerful here and keeps the harmonic movement interesting)

  • Prechorus: VII IV6 I - VII IV6 V
    This is a sort of Mixolydian plagal cadence. Ascending 5ths are a strong basis for harmonic movement.

  • Chorus: I IV V x3 - VII I
    The common I IV V cadence is a joyful progression that’s fun to listen to, and then the VII Mixolydian chord brings a slight sense of abnormality and suspense before resolving beautifully to the tonic I.

Tab Download:

Darryl Syms - Friends Theme Song (143.0 KB)