Gear Discounts For Fretwise Premium Members!

Hey Crew!

I’ve partnered with a few of my favourite brands to offer Fretwise Premium members exclusive discounts to their gear!

Please find below a list of what you can bargain on, and let me know if there’s anything else I might be able to add that you’re interested in :smile:

20% OFF | Guitar Pro Transcription Software

I use Guitar Pro all the time to transcribe my music, and music that I’m working on. It’s the best place for me to log my thoughts and keep track of everything I’m working on.

Code = DARRYL20

10% OFF | BIAS FX 2 Guitar Effects Plugin

I’ve been using this guitar plugin for years now in all of my music and lessons. There’s an overwhelming amount of things to play with inside the plugin, but you can also download my presets from them for a hassle free experience if you’d like :wink: They have a 14 day free trial available, and my discount code can be stacked on to other deals :pray:


More to come soon!