John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Live In LA) - Arrangement [TABS & LESSON]

This short arrangement was put together after talking to a student about how I combine harmony and melody, and what steps I take to do it. Hopefully the lesson I’ve put together will also give you some insight into the process, and teach you some cool new phrasing ideas! :smile:

Darryl Syms - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - (199.0 KB)

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Love this Darryl, definitely added to my " to learn" list.

Saw the play through on YouTube but didn’t realise Fretwise students would be getting a full lesson for it - thank you!

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Thanks David! Yep, Fretwise Premium members get access to all these bonus lessons. I’ve got a backlog of fun things that you might enjoy so stay tuned :smile: Meanwhile I’d love to see you play this if you get the chance. Enjoy and good luck! :metal: