Advice on how to approach this

Hi Darryl,
I bought an acoustic guitar 20 years ago, and approached it with the idea to play simple songs ( I was really into the Samples at the time) and developed a good understanding of chord shapes. But then that got boring and I sort of left it.
I don’t know scales, and my strumming has always been pretty organic (read bad).
I hope that I haven’t developed bad habits that can’t be broken at this point, but do you have a recommendation of where to go in your courses to start?

Hey Pete!

I’m sure I wrote an article on this somewhere but I can’t seem to pinpoint it at the moment - I’ll have to make another. I also share some tips on where to start in the FW Premium onboarding email if you opted to receive that upon signing up :ok_hand: Anyhow, allow me to try shed some light on your case. There are two things I would suggest to you:

:one: Identifying Bad Habits

As a Fretwise Premium member, I encourage you to use the Video Exchange to help me help you to identify any potential bad habits you’re worried about in your playing. Embed a short video clip of you playing guitar, and I can point out what needs work.

:two: Where To Begin On Fretwise

Generally for most students, I recommend starting off with the CAGED Fretboard Visualisation Masterclass, followed by All About Triads. However it’s important to ask yourself - what inspires you? What’s your goal? Do you want to learn more about the instrument and music as a whole? Or do you just want to play music or improvise? Of course, usually we enthusiasts want it all - and there’s really no reason why you can’t study multiple topics simultaneously if you’re wise about it. Anyhow, since you mentioned about scales, that would suggest you would like a better understanding of the instrument. In that case I would recommend the CAGED Class :wink: