Loving the CAGED course so far. I tend to go through it really slowly, whereas usually I’d race through lessons. Any tips?

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Glad to hear James, wise man :pray: If you have little to no experience prior with fretboard visualisation, I would recommend that you pace the lessons over 2-3 months. The more exposure and practice that you have with the workouts = the more confident you will be on the fretboard. If you rush through the lessons, you won’t come out the other side much better :wink:

Thanks Darryl, that’s sound advice and makes a tonne of sense. I’ve been using a workbook too, and actually going away from that doing some work on CAGED from your course and then going back to that has really helped me to get my head around a few things. Stepping back, going easy on yourself and taking time feels key!

Thanks again.

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Nice work man. Let us know if you have any revelations, and send progress updates if you’d like a push in the right direction and some constructive critique! :pray: