Best DAW for composing and producing?

Hi everyone!

I have started recording and composing music, and wanted to know what DAW seems to work for you? I have personally been leaning towards Logic Pro due to the friendly-looking UI and AI drummer, but have no experience with it so thought I’d ask.

A second part to this discussion is, how much production knowledge do you have as guitarists? There seems to be a lot of topics to cover such as sampling, arranging, etc. and was curious on how comfortable you all are with that. I feel like a beginner all over again :grinning:

Logic Pro rules in my opinion. I know that a few others here use it too. I’ve used Cubase, Ableton, and Reaper, but Logic is by far has the most pleasing user experience and has tremendous capabilities. I love Logic Pro! The AI drummer is cool too, it’s quite easy to throw together some instruments in a very short amount of time.

Production is something I aspire to be good at, but I’m a noob in the larger scheme of things. With that said though, I do know how to mix and master… not that I’m very good at it though :laughing: If I may suggest where to start, I would recommend playing with EQ and compression. Maybe put together some instruments and try your best to EQ and compress them such that they compliment each other, instead of fight each other for the same frequencies. Lmk if you find any good resources or have and questions!

Side note – when I think production, I think about David Maxim Micic. I find his playing and productions inspirational! I love how, despite being a “guitarist”, his music doesn’t depend on lots of guitar. Often the melodies are driven by other instruments. Here’s a couple things you can check out:

That’s awesome to hear Darryl, and agreed, the virtual drummer is fantastic. I’m glad you mentioned you tried other DAWs too and ended up with Logic.

I still often think about the sheer power of Garageband as well. Less is more and it can do so many things as a power user too. The engineers at Apple must have worked equally hard on GB to keep it minimalistic while giving so power. Design decisions, keeping the best instruments and choosing to leave out the rest, relieving option paralysis that Logic can bring, etc is huge. You also get the great flex time, virtual drummer with deep editing capability, arrangement markers, and other noteworthy things that I’d imagine people may think is only on Logic.

Logic seems to still be worth investing in to learn especially if we plan on doing this forever (lol) and I believe they have a way to give you a GB-like layout too so I am gonna make the jump. The extra features will be huge :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the input, tips and video links! :grinning: