Master Class Finger Picking is next level

Hi Darryl,
Just wanted to express my appreciation for the melodic finger picking course,
I keep having to come back, after mastering some of the pre-requisites,
and then it clicks and it sounds so good! … of course I am a fan of John Mayer, Lari Basilio and their finger picking. I have just “got” pattern 1 down and looking forward to the next pattern (and I have your John Mayer course) … It seems that no-one else really teaches finger style … which is so strange, since its intermediate 101 for guitarists

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Aw yeah I’m so happy to hear that Paul! :fire: Thanks for the appreciation post, it really means a lot :smile:

If you feel comfortable and confident at some point, please feel free to share any videos of your progress in Video Exchange. Would be happy to offer my support and critique if required :pray:

I hope to have the time to update and improve the class at some point with some new resources, so stay tuned :raised_hands:

Cheers Paul!