Question about the hybrid picked arpeggio workout

Hi Daryl,

In this workout , when it goes to the Emin9 , it sound great. I am learning theory as well and is that a flat 9 we are playing in that chord … sounds perfect just trying to understand why the ninth is flat there, but not in the Dmin9. be great to understand and progress my knowledge



Hey Paul!

Good spotting, you’re absolutely on the right track! So the underlying chord is Em7, which proceeds the Dm7 as you spotted. If you add the 9 to both of these chords just like we do in the arpeggiated workout then you would have Dm9, and Em7♭9.

The reason for this is because that ♭9 is the 4th degree of the parent scale, C major. The 9 in Dm9 is the 3rd degree of the parent scale. However, functionally in relation to the root of chords D and E, they are the 9 (Dm9) and the ♭9 (Em7♭9).

Does that clear things up? :smiley: