Rut busting pattern work

I finally pulled the trigger on Guitar Pro 8 and found the attached Pentatonic Patterns example - I’ve found this to be eye-opening, and I’m working out moving it through all five patterns on the fretboard.

Can anyone point to a resource that has these kind of patterns for all the scales?

Pentatonic Patterns.pdf (990.8 KB)

Nice! Guitar Pro 8 is essential in my toolbox. You’ll find that most tabs across Fretwise and the Forum are Guitar Pro compatible :pray:

Glad you’ve found some useful inbuilt exercises in the program. What rut would you like to bust with these exercises? Picking technique? Visualisation? It would appear to be particularly good for those that often play scales sequentially and want to explore different patterns or sequences.

I’m not familiar with another resource like this, especially for all scales given that there are well over 50-100 of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The closest thing I have that comes to mind is either of these resources:

Also I’m aware that you’re on a quest to master CAGED. I’d recommend this resource if you haven’t seen it already to help put into perspective the complexity and thoroughness of CAGED:

Hope this helps!

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String skipping and alternate picking technique are what these patterns brought to my playing, and feels like it will percolate into my technique.

Thanks for these links!

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