Which order should I take the masterclasses?

Hi Darryl,

Needless to say I’m enjoying the content in here a lot, so thank you for this site. I would like to know what order would be recommended to take the courses. Right now I’m in triads, but saw that you referenced caged, and I’m getting along fine because I’m fairly familiar with caged, but from a general perspective, what would be an ideal order of courses to follow along?

And lastly I understand you don’t want to copy Mateus Asato, but is there content that you can think of that this site is missing to get to that level? Or is what you have here enough to get there? One thing I couldn’t find is a treatment on double stops.

Anyways, I’ve been trying for a while now to find a way to play both melodies and chords, because in the context that I play in (churches) that could enhance the experience quite a bit. Think how well the piano can accompany singing for example, by carrying the melody it helps people know what to sing. I found that Mateus has a few christian songs arranged that way that I think by scaling back the super fast runs and solos would make the guitar much closer to a piano for accompanying a congregation. So that is the journey I’m in and the context for my questions.

Again, thanks a lot for putting together this great resource.

Hey Andre,

Firstly, thank you kindly for your positive feedback on Fretwise. Few people take the time to write feedback, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track :smiley:

You have a couple great questions here that I want to make clearer to new members now that the site resources are growing larger.

To answer your question about the order in which you should take the classes, I would personally recommend starting with CAGED, then All About Triads. These two classes alone will set you up for a solid foundation to get those chordal melodies.

After those classes, the only thing missing would be the technique required to make this wisdom sing. These classes do touch on application towards the end, more so in the All About Triads class I think, but it’s on my agenda to create a couple technique focused classes to help with exactly what you envision!

I’m very excited to put together a chord melody style class, and a technique based class covering things like double stops. I’m currently finishing up two new classes that will be released soon, and then I’ll do my best to get these done by Q4 2023!

Meanwhile I would recommend taking your time with the CAGED and Triads classes such that you feel confident and quick with this wisdom, and then perhaps you can consider moving on to the “Learn 2 Play” classes. There you’ll start to get an insight into how I personally make music by combining melody and chords. You’ll also find some of my arrangements in the “Exclusive Content” section of Fretwise. These are typically an excellent example of how I use CAGED in practice.

Feel free to write some notes or post any resources here that you think are relevant and might help me structure the said classes. It may even be beneficial for you post videos of your own playing so that I can see what areas of your playing I should address and build on in the classes.